TrackSafe™ Platform Track & Trace Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Optel Track & Trace technology is perfectly suited for the pharmaceutical industry, TrackSafe™, is a distributed software and hardware solution that is flexible and compliant with all serialisation and aggregation legislations. With the ability to run as a full-featured stand-alone serialization solution, it can also be integrated directly into common ERP systems and serialization servers such as Verify Brand, SAP, Axway, rfXcel, Tracelink, Oracle, Frequentz, Movilitas, Werum, etc. This serialization system gives you the power and flexibility to integrate to other systems when and how you choose.

TrackSafe™, gives an ultimate track and trace system that meets and surpasses the current serialization legislation and is also very flexible to adapt to all upcoming regulations. This versatility can be achieved, using Optel latest camera and IT technology with a proven and tested serialization system. This Track & Trace solution has an extensive list of features and partners, that can be deployed easily and quickly.

At the packaging line level, all printing and scanning equipment have to be connected to a centralized point in order to distribute serial number information to each packaging level acting as a number validation at the different observation points.

The TrackSafe™ LineMaster™ is designed specially to connect in real time to any printer and scanning device, such as the PharmaProof™ vision systems and hand-held scanners. With this centralized station, line setup is reduced to a minimum ensuring the integrityof each serial number. The interface with the higher level EPCIS serial number manager is done by standard EPCIS messaging protocol. It can also connect directly to an SAP-AII instance, or use the TrackSafe™ EPCIS as a middleware.

TrackSafe™, supports RFID encoding from item to pallet level including the turnkey delivery of all encoding and decoding setup as a labeler web antenna, bundle and case aggregation tunnel, bundle, case and pallet RFID label coding, and manual RFID scanning station. As a turnkey supplier, Optel Track and Trace system will help you select the appropriate tags and antennas for your products.



  • Single point of entry
  • Recipe management
  • Control of all line coders and printers
  • Connection to domain controller
  • Configurable Serial Number buffer
  • Configurable synchronization to EPCIS
  • RFID ready
  • Centralized line setup
  • Fast change-over
  • Standard system (EPC Global)
  • Non-vendor locking

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