TabletProof™ 360° 360° inspection system for pills, tablets or gel capsules

Optel TabletProof™ 360°, is a high performance inspection system that ensures every single tablet or capsule is inspected while maintaining product integrity and quality control. A precision ejection system allows each defective product to be discarded without interruption. Running at speeds of up to 2000 products per minute, TabletProof™ 360° reduces downtime and rework; thereby increasing quality and avoiding recalls. This innovative inspection is achieved using Optel’s camera and software combined with Aylward’s patented product handling technology.


  • Avoid recall and rework of product
  • Avoid unlocked capsule to create more defect during the packaging


  • 100% products inspected
  • 100% area inspected (top, bottom and 360˚ surface)
  • Print inspection with OCV
  • Standardized quality inspection criteria for each product
  • Precise inspection of small defects
  • Foreign object detection
  • Both ends and peripheral 360° inspections of pill, tablets or gel capsules
  • Shape, size, color, print and logo verification

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