PalletMaster™ Serialization Manager for Centralized Palletizing Room

The PalletMaster™ is a configurable solution that allows the identification and verification of both cases and pallets with cameras and/or bar code scanners for central palletizing area. This system is designed to retrofit with existing robot systems that simultaneously palletize different lots on different pallets. The solution allows multiple pallet stacking prior to be labeled and rework capabilities. The process can be automatic with cameras and Print and Apply coder or manual where operators need to scan the final product with a bar code scanner. The PalletMaster™ ensures accurate serialization identification to meet product authentication and traceability requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.



  • Configurable inspection and tracking components to easily integrate into existing equipment
  • Simple, secure and controlled operations with or without serialization or aggregation
  • Complete inspection and verification of the cases and pallets
  • Supports multiple product configurations
  • Handling of unreadable or defective products
  • Allows multiple pallet stacking
  • Automatic or manual operations and reworks

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