DoseSafe™ Inspection solution for products in pouches and sachets


The sources for medication errors are multiple. The final prescription package is at high risk in the supply chain when considering the chances of cross-contamination or identification errors. As part of our focus to support the FDA and the health care industry, Optel supplies solutions to pharmacies, manufacturers and re-packers to ensure hospitals and pharmacies unit dose or multi-dose packages are safe.

This system can be installed as an off-line, self-contained vision inspection station or as an in-line system that is integrated into existing pouching machines. Specifically, pouches or sachets pass through the system where they are verified from the top and the bottom by cameras. For the in-line system, the inspection station can be located in one area, or depending on inspection requirements and space availability, inspections can be carried out at different areas. Within an inspection unit, a high resolution color camera verifies the top surfaces of the pouch and sachet contents. Tablets or capsules are verified for color, count, shape and integrity (detects damaged tablets, contaminants and missing tablets/capsules). From the bottom, one or two high resolution cameras verify printed information such as lot numbers, expiration dates and bar codes on the pouches and sachets.

Optel offers full system customization to its clients. Optel engineers can select, combine and optimize a specific inspection software on a project-to-project basis. Most of these tools are pre-configured prior to delivery of the system so that you receive a turnkey system that meets your specific inspection requirements.

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  • Up to 60 products per minute
  • 100% on-line inspection

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