CLTracker TE™


Optel’s Fast Series products are preconfigured to enable existing pharmaceutical packaging lines to meet compliance, fast. They are the perfect solution to meet tight regulation deadlines — plus, they are easy to operate and require only minimal training. To offer products delivered in matter of weeks, we have expanded our production facilities and developed a streamlined, dedicated manufacturing process specifically for Fast Series units.

The CLTracker TE™ handles the printing and verification of each carton and ensures accurate serialization identification. The CLTracker TE™ was developed to be installed in any tamper-evident carton-labeling unit. Select the unit that best fits your line requirements, and we will integrate the CLTracker TE™ into it.

The CLTracker TE™ also automatically manages serial number status. If a carton is ejected due to a defect in the tamper-evident feature, the CLTracker TE™ will automatically change the status of the serial number.

The CLTracker TE™ is part of Optel’s open architecture, which greatly facilitates connectivity to various IT systems or other third-party equipment.

Optel’s Fast Series is also designed to be scalable, which will allow you to build on these units in the future, as your serialization operations expand. We understand that modifying your process can be challenging and, to overcome this challenge, we’ve leveraged all the experience and expertise that comes with 27 years and thousands of successful serialization integration projects around the world. Our Fast Series incorporates all this know-how to provide you with all the necessary features to scale up your serialized production and therefore maintain and generate additional revenues when you’re ready.

The CLTracker TE™ is part of Optel’s Fast Series, and each product includes hardware and software, IQ/OQ documentation, operator manual, integration and on-site training.



  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Minimal Training Required
  • Simple User Interface
  • Complete Reporting Tool with LineMaster™
  • Up to 400 Cartons per Minute
  • Serialized and Non-Serialized Capability
  • Automatic Serial Number    Status Management
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and European Annex 11 Compliance

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