BundleTracker™ Aggregation Station for Bottles Into Bundle

When cartons or bottles are placed in a bundle or tray prior to shipping, it is required to identify which items are packed together in order to build the parent/child relationship (aggregation) when packed into the final shipping case. It is strongly recommended to read the aggregation once the Bundle is created to guarantee the most robust, simple and precise solution. If the aggregation scanning cannot be efficiently inserted into an existing machine, Optel offers the BundleTracker™, a roll-in stand-alone station that will hold and move the Bundle under/over scanning devices and allow re-scanning in the Bundle for a reading error. The BundleTracker™ performs a verification of proper product count and product status and creates the list of products in each Bundle while rejecting inappropriate Bundles.

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  • Error free automated child/parent aggregation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Turnkey installation
  • User friendly interface


  • Improves reading efficiency to lower ejection rates
  • Minimum setup time with turnkey installation for minimal integration time
  • Reduces manual operation for accurate aggregated data
  • Configuration with one to five camera scanning devices

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