Pre-Project Engineering

Inspection and serialization solutions are highly complex and require experts in the first stages of the sales process. Our sales team is specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, with in-depth knowledge of packaging lines, IT and the supply chain. For every project, we work with your team to carefully define the project requirements and offer the best solution for your application.

Project Management

We consider every project unique and we make sure every customer receives the highest-quality solution. All projects are driven by an experienced Project Manager (PM) that follows a well-established and documented process based on the GAMP/PMMI guidelines. The Project Manager's target is to optimize the quality triangle, meeting all requirements, on-time and on-budget. The use of the project planning module in our SAP-B1 ERP system provides us with a real-time view of the entire project status, timeline and capability.

Vision Engineering

From simple tablet inspection to the most sophisticated packaging-line serialization solution, the key is to have an outstanding optical setup and vision algorithm. Our Project Managers and Vision Engineers work together to carefully select the most appropriate illumination, camera requirements, vision tools and parameters to achieve the most efficient solution.

Mechanical Engineering

Optel delivers robust systems, designed to last as long as your packaging machinery. Our Mechanical Designers use stainless steel and aluminum and follow GMP guidelines for all enclosures, brackets and ejectors. Based on Project Manager and customer feedback, our solutions are well engineered, rugged, easy to adjust and simple to set up.


Our manufacturing operations enable us to offerfast turn-around time and quick delivery. Every critical part is serialized and logged into the system's history log file, allowing us to trackevery component. The use of SAP-B1 ERP provides us with a real-time view of the entire manufacturing process and parts availability, worldwide.

Software Engineering

Software is at the heart of all of our applications. Whether it's managing multi-level serialized information, exchanging data with EPCIS, SCADA and packaging-line devices, or designing operator-friendly user interfaces, our large team of Software Engineers is behind the success of our solutions. Together with our Product Managers, who regularly initiate new features and product developments, Software Engineers have made Optel the most innovative company in the industry.

Validation Specialist

With over 25 years of steady collaboration with pharmaceutical customers, we understand the importance of documentation. Our experienced Validation Specialists and Technical Writers ensure that your operation manual is adapted to your specific solution. Manuals are provided with a full set of documents covering qualification, installation and operation (including IQ and OQ), as part of our standard validation documentation.

Quality Control

Our experts in the Quality Control Department use both generic and specific test plans to test the entire solution. The Quality Control Technician performs a pre-validation of the system prior to shipping, ensuring that the integration process will go smoothly and will be completed in a timely manner.


Located all over the world, our team of Field Technicians travel to your plant to install, test and validate your new Optel equipment. For complex integration, our Field Technicians are assisted on-site by the Project Manager to ensure the synchronization of the complete integration and start-up. Optel Field Technicians receive comprehensive training at the Optel Education Center, which ensures that they utilize the best installation practices for our equipment.


We understand the importance of a short response time and good direct support for lines that are running and generating revenues. With our adjustable Service Plans, you get the best ROI. Our plans guarantee access to our Service Managers 24/7 to support and assist you. Only one phone call to make, no other parties are involved. All requests are processed promptly and we will involve all the necessary experts to solve your problem. We use our SAP-B1 service moduleto monitor all of the open issues and ensure that appropriate support is provided in a timely manner.

Education Center

The Optel Education Center was created to provide specialized training and development not only to employees, but to customers as well. For each project delivered, we provide on-site training and related documentation which allows you to operate our system with confidence. Optel's training program is rigorously guided through our quality and continuous improvement processes so that every deployed solution is covered. All employees are trained, certified, and kept up to date, thus ensuring the best-quality service.