Notícias TabletProof™: 100% Automated Tablet Inspection

TabletProof™ 360 ̊is a high-speed inspection station, which ensures the quality of each and every capsule or tablet during the manufacturing process.

The Optel Vision TabletProofTM 360° is using a revolutionary vision system that offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a simultaneous 360° inspection of each and every pill, tablet or gel capsule. This innovative inspection is achieved using Optel Vision’s renowned camera and software technology combined with Aylward patented product handling expertise.

Tablet manufacturers and contract packers greatly benefit from the TabletProofTM 360° as this high-end vision inspection system can serve for multiple types of tablets or capsules. This system is versatile and can be used in all aspects of production.

With speeds of up to 120,000 products per hour, this stand-alone and retrofitted vision system will count and sort out defects such as:

  • Rogue capsules
  • Out of specification (shape and dimension)
  • Unclipped capsules
  • Color scan variation
  • Uncompleted banding: The TabletProofTM 360 ̊ will also send feedback to your production equipment, such as defect rate and total counts. This vision-based machine reduces the risk of cross-contamination, increases esthetics quality and reduces customer complaints.

By having an Optel Vision TabletProofTM 360 ̊ installed on your tablet printer, you will improve your quality assurance, thereby increasing customer safety. The system can be installed on any pad, drum, or ramp feed printer or can be installed with minimal downtime on an existing line.

Optel Vision offers complete integration, training and validation. The system follows GMP guidelines and is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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