News New Inspection: Tabletproof™ 360°

Optel Vision announced today the improvement of its advanced tablet inspection system;a cutting-edge technology for full inspection of tablets and capsules.

Demonstrating for the first time at Achema 2015, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the TabletProof™ 360° is a revolutionary vision system. It offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a full inspection of the shape, size, color, print or logo, and foreign object detection for each pill, tablet or gel capsule.

“This improved system is now equipped with 3 additional features to enable a complete and precise inspection”, says Nicolas Bouchard, Product Manager at Optel Vision,:

  • Top and bottom inspection
  • Unwrap image of the inspected products
  • Airwash for dusty products

“We invest a great deal in R&D in order to constantly improve the performances of our products. Optel Vision focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. We do our very best to offer the most innovative solutions to support and secure our customers’ business”, says Louis Roy, President and CEO of Optel Vision.

Nicolas Bouchard, Product Manager at Optel Vision, explains the advantages of the new features: “the top and bottom inspection completes the 360° inspection of the product. Each product is now 100% inspected, leaving no place for error. In order to offer a clear view of the inspection, the software is able to mount pictures taken by the four cameras, completing the 360° inspection in one image. This gives a clear representation of the whole product that the operator can view on a unique picture. Finally, the system is now equipped with airwash for the inspection of dusty products”.

“With an inspection speed of 2,000 products per minute, some of our customers have calculated fantastic results concerning ROI and have come up with less than a one year payback”, says Louis Roy.

“The TabletProof™ 360° provided by Optel Vision gives us excellent results. Our quality control over default products has increased tremendously. We now have better control over product recalls, which maintain end users’ trust in our brand. The good return on investment is also due to the fact that we have considerably reduced our workforce, previously needed to inspect products. We are looking forward for Optel Vision to upgrade our TabletProof™ 360° with their newest features”, says one of Optel Vision customers who has this machine installed since almost a year.

The TabletProof™ 360° is the most advanced inspection system on the market.  The TabletProof™ 360° provides an excellent ROI and protects pharmaceutical manufacturers’ image by preventing product recalls.

Watch our new product video.

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