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Central Pharma is a leading UK pharmaceutical packaging company and in collaboration with Optel Vision, recently announced the introduction of its ground-breaking track and trace technology at this plant. During an open day held at Central Pharma’s facility in Bedford in October, leaders from the pharma industry were given an opportunity to see the technology in operation. Philip Yorke talked to Amanda Bentley, Central Pharma’s managing director about the significance of the new anti-counterfeiting technology.

As one of Europe’s foremost pharmaceutical contract packaging companies, Central Pharma is a market leader in the provision of packaging services to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. With over 75 years’ experience, the company provides clients with an extensive range of packing solutions designed to meet their specific requirements, supplying products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

As one of the largest pharmaceutical packaging organisations, Central Pharma recently announced the introduction of a new Track & Trace technology service in collaboration with Optel Vision and Domino. Counterfeiting is a growing threat to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry and the new service enables individual products to be tracked throughout the entire supply chain, from packing to the end consumer, thus helping manufacturers significantly reduce counterfeiting by ensuring that products can be easily identified. As the supply chain is of utmost importance, Central Pharma has acquired this new technology to reduce or even eliminate the risk of counterfeiting in the industry.

Leading by example

At Central Pharma’s open day held on October 21st approximately thirty professionals from across the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry gathered to see the latest technology at work. Following presentations on the company’s packaging and regulatory consulting services, visitors were given a site tour and were able to see a live packaging-line demonstration of the new Track & Trace technology.

Bentley said, “Like our partner Optel Vision, we are an innovation-driven company and are committed to investing in the latest packaging technology. We have been working closely with both Optel Vision and Domino since early this year to optimise our new Track & Trace service, in order to keep us at the forefront of the contract packaging industry. We are also investing in new clinical and controlled drug facilities and plan to achieve world-class manufacturing status by 2016.

“Furthermore, as a privately owned company we are not only a trusted partner where safety is key, but we are also a very flexible company that is able to deliver products within 48 hours. In addition, our flexibility also means that we can accommodate bespoke packaging requirements at short notice. is is a service that many others can’t match”.

Bently added, “Our new Track & Trace technology is an essential development of Central Pharma’s service offering. We have invested in a highly customised technology to facilitate and enhance the safety and integrity of our clients’ products. is innovative technology is an illustration of the strategic and operational investments that Central Pharma continue to make in our capabilities, demonstrating our commitment to changing market and client requirements”.

Innovation driving sales

Optel Vision was founded twenty seven years ago as an innovation-driven engineering company that specialises in the serialisation and aggregation of packaging solutions. e company leads the field in the development of Track & Trace technology for the packaging industry. Two years ago, Optel Vision entered into a partnership agreement with Central Pharma in the UK in order to combat the growing threat of counterfeiting. In addition, Domino joined the partnership to provide its high-tech expertise in thermal and laser printer technology.

Optel Vision has seen drastic growth during recent years thanks to its continuous pipeline of innovative technologies. Following the opening of a state-of-the-art facility in Ireland last year, the company has announced another major expansion with a new 37,000 sq.ft . building in Quebec City as well opening a facility in Goa, India and Sao Paulo, Brazil. is new facility will double the manufacturing oor space at the company’s headquarters in Quebec, Canada.

Optel Vision’s unique open architecture enables manufacturers and contract packaging companies alike to react and adapt quickly to any future changes in country regulations. In addition, new functions, service features or new types of equipment can be integrated quickly and easily. e company’s open architecture also mitigates the inherent risks of proprietary systems and minimises supplier dependency and locking-in situations.

New modules can be integrated without the need to re-build or reconfigure entire systems. Optel Vision’s systems are completely configurable to operate as stand- alone, or integrate into any current ERP landscape.

In its goal to be recognised as the leader in its sector, Optel Vision has developed a quality management system that promotes continuous improvement in all its active areas. As a result, corrective and preventative actions are established and implemented on a regular basis.

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