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Optel Vision launches its latest innovation:

CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection for electronic counter

CountSafe in Action!

Click above to see the CountSafe with Automatic Ejection in action

Demonstrating for the first time at Interphex, NY 2015, booth #2353, the Automatic Ejection for electronic counters is a two-axis linear robot that can be adapted and integrated to any Electronic Counter on the market. Combined with Optel Vision’s CountSafe™ inspection system, the ejector is a tool-less device that can reject any kind of defect: wrong shape, wrong color, wrong size and broken product or rogue. Products are rejected via a vacuum system, which is attached to a closed bin that is equipped with a pre-separator collector and a HEPA filter, thus preventing any substance or dust to escape.                                                  

«Bringing this innovation to the market will be a relief for our customers, who will benefit from 100% automatic ejection of bad products from their production line. The inspection of our CountSafe™, combined with the accuracy of the ejector, guarantees 100% rejection of default products, therefore avoiding rework from the operator», says Louis Roy, President of Optel Vision.                                                                       

On a four-vibratory feeding tray system of 28 inches in width, it takes less than 5 seconds for the ejector to stop the inspection, reject the wrong product, confirm the ejection and restart the inspection. This innovation ensures the highest production throughput possible. By avoiding downtime and while removing default products in a controlled environment, line efficiency is improved.

«The ejector speed and the precision of rejection is a huge gain of time, compared to having an operator interacting with the system and removing the wrong product manually from the production line» says Jim White, Product Manager at Optel Vision.                                                          

Optel Vision is committed to innovation and answering the challenging demands of its customers. We are proud to bring new innovative solutions to the packaging industry for pharmaceutical companies.

More information on CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection


Fideides 2015: Optel Vision awarded best company


On March 12th 2015, during the Gala of the Fideides 2015, Optel Vision received two awards, one for the best company in high technology, and the second for the best company overall.

Thank you to all Optel Vision employees worldwide for their contribution. Also a special thank you to all our customers for their trust and support.

Fideides is a highly regarded event in the business community of Quebec, recognizing companies that have distinguished themselves during the year with their exceptional business performance.


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