Noticias Mipharm is Moving Forward and Endorses the Path of Serialization

Mipharm today is one of the first Italian companies in the pharmaceutical sector equipped with a serialization machine to manufacture pharmaceutical products.

The serialization of pharmaceutical products is a hot and fervently discussed topic in the market. It has its origin in the need to trace in an unequivocal way products, to fight counterfeits and to guarantee the safety and traceability of every single product throughout the whole chain until it reaches the final consumer / patient.

In the light of all the changes and regulations which will undoubtedly arrive in the next few years, Mipharm has decided to prepare in a proactive way particularly compared to competition and to become one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Italy to have such a system (equipment and software) in order to “serialize” some of the products of its own line.

The main reason why Mipharm owns already a machine specialized in serialization is the fact that the relevant regulation was enacted in China on 1 January 2014.

For a considerable time, Mipharm has worked on such a project in close collaboration with two of its largest customers with the objective to comply with the Chinese norms and to export to China a product manufactured in Mipharm’s own factory in Milan.

The know how we gained during this learning process will be of fundamental importance also for our export activities to other areas which already decided to request serialization, i.e. California in 2015, and Europe in 2016.

The importance of the project lies in the implementation of an electronic Quality Control System that uses bar codes to guarantee the traceability of the product and to provide documentation and standard information in form of electronic files and to make them available to customers as well as the Chinese Authorities.

The supplier of the system is Optel Vision, a Canadian company specializing in inspection systems and the serialization of packaging. The system includes four telecameras and two scanners to control the electronic codes through the entire manufacturing process.

There is no doubt that this most recent step towards more safety and optimal manufacturing quality keeps Mipharm first in line to confront the new challenges which the pharmaceutical market presents, continuously reinventing
itself in collaboration with the world’s best suppliers.

We seize this opportunity to inform you that Mipharm has renewed its website, and we invite you to visit us under

Thank you for your attention,

Giuseppe G. Miglio

Founder, Chairman and CEO
Mipharm SpA

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