News Optel Vision Launches the Open Sitemaster™

Optel Vision announced today its launch of the first non-vendor locking site server, improving data exchange for serialization without annual license fees.

Serialization and Track & Trace require data exchange between different levels. Levels 1 and 2, which are basically the equipments and the line controllers on the packaging line, need to exchange data to the upper IT levels. As many governments require receipt of the serialized information from manufacturers (level 4), it becomes necessary to address the way data will be sent and received from the upper levels. Different configurations are possible depending on the manufacturer’s requirements. Integrating a level 3 solution is a safe and common choice that must, however, be carefully addressed by manufacturers.

The Open SiteMaster™ is a software with an open architecture, located at the plant level (level 3), that acts as an intermediary between the line (level 2) and the upper IT level (level 4). It is an optional central point of communication between the packaging lines and the manufacturer ERP and Corporate Serialization Server. It provides network isolation and optimizes the process for requesting and distributing serial numbers, as well as the serialization data transfer. The Open SiteMaster™ also acts as a Process Order Repository to provide work order buffering at the plant level. “We have not reinvented the wheel.  Some of our competitors already offer this kind of solution”, says Jean- Pierre Allard, Global Serialization at Optel Vision, “but Optel Vision is the only provider to offer a completely non-vendor locking solution without annual license fees”.

“With this option, any manufacturer will benefit from an architecture that is compatible with all vendors. We want our solutions to be as flexible and as open as possible in order to offer our customers the choice to integrate with other vendors if they want to”, says Louis Roy, Optel Vision President. “Investments in serialization equipment and infrastructure are huge and companies should avoid selecting any provider that offers a level 3 solution that puts its clients in a vendor locking situation.”

Some of the benefits that come along with Optel Vision’s Open SiteMaster™ include: 

  • Network isolation (level 3)
  • Work order buffering at plant level
  • Open Architecture without license fee
  • Compatible with any vendor
  • Interface of Open SiteMaster™ replicates the level 4 – Simple and lean software

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